When in ROAM provides personalized travel recommendations from local experts. ROAM connects travelers to a national network of local concierges who in turn provide customized trip itineraries based on your interests and personality.

Skip the hours of trip research and Internet frustration with the assistance of a local concierge in your destination city. Unlike aggregated review sites that cater to the masses, ROAM’s recommendations are personalized just for you – quickly and 24/7. From your favorite things to experience to your budget constraints, your travel guide is tailored just for you based on the information you provide. You tell ROAM what you like and one of our concierges sends you a customized travel itinerary within 24 hours.

ROAM itineraries are $29. After all, you’re spending good money on your trip, don’t you want to spend it in the right places? Think of ROAM as your trip insurance. As they say, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When in ROAM was founded by Krista Krauss Miller and Tim Huelskamp.


About Tim Huelskamp, Co-Founder: Tim is a travel enthusiast and entrepreneur. Prior to ROAM, Tim spent the past decade at American Capital, a ~$20 billion private equity firm, where he focused on the evaluation, investment and management of technology-oriented businesses. Tim has worked with over 50 startup companies and helped raise over $3 billion.
About Krista Krauss Miller, Chef Concierge & Co-Founder: Krista has been in the Chicago hospitality industry for over a decade. Prior to ROAM, she spent her career as a luxury hotel concierge. Krista found her niche in boutique hotels offering genuine, customized hospitality and unique experiences. As Chef Concierge, she opened two of the top hotels in Chicago and was a proud member of professional hotel concierge associations. Krista has been the recipient of various industry honors, including multiple nominations for the Chicago Concierge Rising Star Award and the Illinois Hospitality and Lodging Association’s Stars of the Industry Awards.