We’re thrilled to announce that When in ROAM has been featured in the New York Times! Check out our New York Times article online.

ROAM is honored and humbled to have been included in the Great Concierge Debate which was published in the Travel Section of the New York Times onOctober 20, 2017. Co-founder Krista Krauss Miller and Seattle ROAM Concierge Colin Perceful were interviewed for the piece.

The article discusses modernization, which is greatly affecting many industries, including the Travel and Concierge Industries. The piece highlights how ROAM is innovating by utilizing technology to reach more travelers, while still maintaining that specialized personal touch.

We started ROAM because we wanted to help more travelers have better trips. Unfortunately, only 3-5% of hotels in the US employ a concierge. Who are the other 95%+ of travelers supposed to turn to for advice? Every traveler should have the ability to use a concierge, and now they can through innovations in technology.

The goal of ROAM is to utilize technology and adapt to changes in the industry while also respecting the values and traditions that made the concierge position so valuable. Over 90% of our concierges are either current or ex-hotel and residential concierges. ROAM currently employs 60 concierges in 24 markets.

Give ROAM a try on your next trip!


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