Chicago Inno published a wonderful profile on When in ROAM on Thursday, May 25 2017. Chicago Inno is a media source committed to providing news and information about technology, startups and innovation in Chicago.

The article speaks to the importance of the concierge. And with the growing amount of information available online to travelers, concierges are now more important than ever.

“Unfortunately, (concierges) are also starting to find themselves first on the chopping block for hotels looking to cut costs amidst a transforming tourism industry. But with the proliferation of travel advisory ranking sites and an abundance of cluttered information for tourists looking for recommendations, perhaps concierge services are more valuable than ever.”

Many hotels are indeed eliminating this essential position, leaving guests and travelers stranded in a sea of information. How are travelers to wade through these waters without spending hours upon hours trip researching?

This is what When in ROAM is trying to alleviate. “In many ways, we want our platform to serve as a way for concierges to take back the future of our own profession.” –Krista Krauss Miller, Co-Founder of ROAM stated in the piece.

Read more about how ROAM’S concierges are committed to adapting and continuing to help travelers in the Chicago Inno article.

Trip planning and finding yourself adrift in the sea of information overwhelm? We’re here to help. Enlist the help of one of ROAM’s local concierges.


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