All of ROAM’s concierges are hand selected hospitality professionals who have years of customer service experience and a vast knowledge of their cities. ROAM democratizes concierge services and offers travelers an affordable trip planning tool that saves time and stress.

As of May 2017, ROAM’s network of concierges includes 50+ individuals. ROAM’s concierges have years of hospitality and customer service experience. The vast majority of ROAM concierges are current or ex-hotel concierges. In addition, many ROAM concierges belong to professional concierge associations, holding high ethical standards of conduct. ROAM does not have any affiliate partners, so all recommendations are unbiased and 100% customized to the traveler’s needs.

With the overwhelming amount of information available online, concierge assistance is now more important than ever. But many hotels are eliminating concierge positions to cut costs, so concierges are harder to find in mid-range hotels. With ROAM, any traveler can benefit from the assistance of a concierge, and they don’t have to spend $500 a night for it.

ROAM was built by concierges, all of whom are part owners of the company. ROAM’s concierges are committed to helping travelers, preserving the profession and taking it into the 21st century.

Travelers can now skip hours of trip research and Internet frustration with the assistance of a local concierge in their destination city. Unlike aggregated review sites that cater to the masses, ROAM’s recommendations are personalized for each visitor. From their favorite things to experience to their budget constraints, their ROAM travel guide is custom made by a live concierge. Travelers tell ROAM what they like and a local concierge sends them a customized travel itinerary in 24 hours.

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